Fr. Jan Klinkowski
Sikorskiego 1
59-220 Legnica
phone: 609302649
Legnica, 16 June 2010
Curriculum Vitae
  1. Born 13 June 1962 in Chojnów

  2. Secondary School Graduation Certificate from General Secondary School no. 2 in Legnica in 1981.

  3. In 1987, having graduated with a Master's Degree from the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Wrocław , I was ordained a priest by His Eminence Card. Henryk Gulbinowicz.

  4. Work as a priest:

• St. Barbara's Parish in Walim – from 30.06.1987 to 26.06.1989

•  St. Elisabeth's Parish in Wrocław – from 26.06.1989 to 23.12.1991

•  Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Legnica – from 23.12.1991 to 27.06.1994

•  St. Hyacinth's Parish in Legnica – from 25.06.1996 to 22.06.1998

•  Principal of the Diocesan Theological College in Legnica – from 22.06.1998 to 16.12.2005

•  Diocesan Assistant of Catholic Action – from 15.09.1997, duties carried out since the founding of Catholic Action up to the present time .

•  Substitute chairman of the John Paul II Biblical Deed Association (Dzieło Biblijne) in the Diocese of Legnica (from 04.03.2006 until now)

•  Chairman of the Secular Catholics' Commission of the Legnica Diocesan Synod

  1. In 1991 I graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the Pontifical Faculty of Theology with the dissertation “Jesus the Miracle Worker in the light of modern biblical theology.”

  2. From 1994-1999 I was doing my doctoral studies in biblical theology in the Catholic University of Lublin, which I completed in 1999 with the public defense of my doctoral dissertation entitled “The technique of using the Old Testament in the Synoptic Gospels.”

  3. From 03.09.1990 to 31.12.1991 I worked as a catechist in Primary School no. 106 in Wrocław . From 01.01.1992 to 31.08.1994 I worked as a catechist in the Motor Vehicle Engineering Schools' Complex in Legnica . In 2003 I began lecturing in the Higher Theological Seminary in Legnica and the Theological College in Wałbrzych . After a break that I took in order to complete specialist studies in the Catholic University of Lublin, I began lecturing in the Higher Theological Seminary in Legnica and the Diocesan Theological Colleges in Legnica , Wałbrzych and Jelenia Góra. From 01.09.1996 to 31.08.1998 I also worked part time as a catechist in the Agricultural Schools'Complex in Legnica . Since 2005 I have been lecturing in the Higher Theological Seminary in Świdnica. At the present moment, I am also lecturing in the Higher Theological Seminaries in Legnica , Świdnica and Wrocław.

  4. On 14 March 2001 I was appointed assistant in the Institute of Systematic Theology in the Department of Biblical Theology in Wrocław . I assisted in the preparation of seventy-two MA papers based on the Biblical Theology seminar and the New Testament seminar conducted by Reverend Tomasz Hergesel, Ph.D., and Sister Ewa J. Jezierska, Ph.D.

  5. On 11 May 2009 I was conferred with the postdoctoral degree of doctor habilitatus in the field of biblical theology on the basis of my research and my habilitation dissertation entitled “A Dramatic Analysis of the Gospel of Saint John”.

  6. Currently I am the head of the Department of Old Testament Exegesis in the Pontifical Faculty of Theology. Both Master's theses and Doctoral dissertations are prepared under my direction.
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